Marondera Man Commits Suicide After Catching His Wife In Action Cheating

Marondera Man Commits Suicide

Marondera Man Commits Suicide After Catching His Wife In Action Cheating

In a sad case of death, a man has committed suicide after catching his wife in action cheating. The unfortunate incident was shared by socialite Jackie Ngarande on her Facebook page Jackie Ngarande Official.

While the story is yet to be confirmed as it was an anonymous submission via inbox it was received with a number of commentators sympathizing with another section of commentators being apathetic to his plight.

With a Facebook user by the name Tinevimbo Masuku commenting with the following,

“It’s so sad, rest in peace Munya…life is hard and some situations forces us to do certain things but killing yourself shld never be an option, if I can’t talk to anyone about it try God. Breathe for a second and pray for wisdom kty woitasey. Imagine what the pain ur loved ones will go through after u’ve left…”
In the same breathe another Facebook user by the name Tee P Cee said,
“Shiri dzakabvuta rekeni gore rino.dear men forgive your wives.endai kumakomo kunonamata tsanyirai dzimba dzenyu idzi.vakadzi ipwere vanoda patience and understanding.”

It is also been noted in a study how depression in black men goes ignored and more often than not is associated with being immature and effeminate.

According to Praxis Center,

Symptoms of depression that are commonly found in men include sleeping too much or too little, loss of focus, anger, substance abuse, sexual dysfunction, physical pain, and suicidal thoughts.

The confessional message which was shared by Jackie Ngarande read,

From Inbox

Pane a Marondera guy azviuraya because mkadzi akawana mukadzi red handed ne boyfriend. The couple had a grand white wedding and stayed in Winston Park. Varume let’s be strong mhani even chero wakamuroora nemari yakawandisa ne mombe just move on.Mukadzi anofeva musiye haachinje

Rest In Peace Munya


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