Man’s Premature Ejaculation Triggers Domestic Violence

Man’s Premature Ejaculation Triggers Domestic Violence

A woman from Lupane appeared in court complaining of how his husband’s premature ejaculation has led to domestic violence.

The woman who was identified as Rejoice Moyo (27) from Lupane business centre commented that she does not have a sex life as her husband’s bedroom gun “vomits” as soon as it feels the warmth of the private parts.

She says she has been going through this for the past six months after her husband Mncedisi Sibanda (38) developed an erectile problem.

“My husband came back complaining of stomach problem from where he was hired to fix the yard and cut poles in July last year. After a week his bedroom gun would “vomit” as soon as it felt the warmth of my thighs or my private parts. I have been enduring this for the past six months,” she told court.

She went a step further and said her husband turns violent when she tries to talk to him about the sensitive issue.

“My husband is a violent person when I engage him about this bedroom issue problem so as to solve it, he gets angry and starts to accuse me of being inconsiderate about our sick child. He would then hit me with fists or slap me in front of our children. My life is in danger and I’m afraid he would kill me as he has threatened to do so on several occasions,” she told the court.

She added that her husband verbally abuses her even in the presence of her relatives.

“He is also in the habit of just getting angry when my relatives visit us, he would just cause an argument after that he would insult me in the presence of them due to that I’m applying for a peace order against him.”

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