Man Who Raped A 13-Year-Old Girl Finally Arrested After 3 Years On The Run

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Man Who Raped A 13-Year-Old Girl Finally Arrested After 3 Years On The Run:

A Buhera man who has been on the run for three years after he had raped a 13-year-old girl has been arrested and remanded in custody.

According to The Mirror the accused man who was identified as Festos Mahachi (69) from Gamanya area under Chief Nyashanu who raped a 13 -year-old girl (name not supplied to protect her identity)  in 2018 was finally arrested after he had been on the run for  3 years.

Mahachi appeared before Murambinda Magistrate Tapiwa Kuhudzai facing rape charges on Tuesday.

It is in the States case that sometime in 2018, the complainant was with her grandmother in the garden and Mahachi was in his adjacent garden.

The grandmother went home and left the complainant behind. Seeing that the complainant was all by herself, Mahachi took advantage of the situation and called the juvenile to his garden where he gave her RTGS$5.

After, giving her the money Mahachi is alleged to have ordered her to remove her underwear and lie down facing upwards.

The juvenile complied and Mahachi removed his trousers and went on top of her and had sexual intercourse with her once without her consent.

After raping the complainant, Mahachi allegedly threatened to assault the complainant if she revealed the ordeal to anyone.

Fearing for her life, the complainant went home and never told anyone about her ordeal.

However, on the 19th of  December 2019, the complainant went to fetch water with her younger sister, and along the way, they met Mahachi who gave her RTGS$10.

The matter only came to light after, the girl went to the shops and used the money to buy mangoes. Surprised as to where she got the money from, a suspicious woman informed her parents.

Her parents quizzed her about where she got the money from and that is when she finally opened up her ordeal with Mahachi.

A report was filed at Buhera Police Station and a manhunt for Mahachi was launched after the police failed to locate him at his place of residence. He was only nabbed this year (at an unspecified date) after he had been on the run for three years.

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