Man Tortures 17-Year-Old Uncle To Death Over US$60

Man Tortures Uncle To Death (File Photo)

Man Tortures 17-Year-Old Uncle To Death Over US$60:

A Kariba fisherman is alleged to have tortured his teenage uncle for two consecutive days leading to his sudden death.

iHarare reported that Muzondiwa Brave Baureni (38), who is employed by Alfa Rose Company, tortured and killed his 17-year-old uncle Tatenda Manyanga over US$60 that went missing and tried to commit suicide by gulping battery acid after realizing that he had killed his uncle.

Man Tortures Uncle To Death (File Photo)

According to the police report, on the 27th of January 2021, Baureni went to the now-deceased fishing camp and accused him of stealing US$60 from him.

“The accused person is nephew to the now deceased. On the 27th day of January 2021 at around 1500 hours, the now-deceased visited the accused at Makuyu fishing camp since the two were uncle and nephew, respectively.

“After some hours at Makuyu fishing camp, the accused started accusing the now deceased of stealing US60 dollars which was in the temporary tent they use to sleep in when they are conducting their duties,” reads part of the internal police memo.

Manyanga however, repeatedly denied ever stealing the money. This led Baureni to arm himself with sticks, which he repeatedly used to assault Manyanga before threatening to kill him.

“He assaulted him several times on the back and buttocks. The informant (Zacharia Musiiwa) tried to refrain (sic) the accused from assaulting the now deceased but to no avail since the accused claimed that he was disciplining his uncle to stop stealing.

“The accused person took the now deceased and drove a boat to a nearby island in the Kariba lake and he tied the now deceased upside down on the supporting bars of the boat and assaulted him all over the body.

“He drove back to the harbor with the now-deceased who was no longer able to walk or speak and made him to lie down in the tent.”

After realizing how Manyanga was badly injured, Musiiwa advised the accused to rush Manyanga to Manyove Clinic for treatment but the accused refused and only bought some painkillers that he gave to the now deceased.

Unfortunately, Manyanga died in the tent at Makuyu fishing camp two days later as a result of the assault.

Upon realizing that he had killed his uncle, Baureni tried to take his own life by drinking battery acid.

Baureni is battling for his own life at Siakobvu Hospital while the deceased’s body was taken to Karoi District Hospital for postmortem.

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