Man Rapes Sister-In-Law (16) After Pulling Her From School.

Three men On The Run

Man Rapes Sister-In-Law

A 29-year-old man from village 4, Munyamani under Chief Marada of Mwenezi is in custody after he took his sister in law from class and raped her on his way home.

He is reported to have lied that the victim’s brother had died and then allegedly raped her three times on the way home.

Edwin Gwasiya appeared before resident magistrate Honest Mussiwa and is facing three counts of rape. The girl whose name is not disclosed is the young sister to the accused’s wife and she attends a local school.

Lighton Katsidzira representing the State report that on November 12, 2020, at 11 am Gwasiya went to the school and requested the complainant on the guise that her brother had passed away. The two went home in a scotch cart.

The accused took a different route which leads to his house and this surprised the sister in law who asked why they were using the wrong direction. The accused said he wanted to collect some money from his house.

Gwasiya then started to caress the complainant and she jumped out of the scotch cart and ran away. The accused followed the juvenile and caught her, grabbed her by the neck and pinned her down. He then allegedly raped her with his hands covering her mouth.

They then proceeded home and the accused was reported to have raped the complainant two more times along the way. Upon arrival at home, the accused told the complainant that she was now his wife. He told the complainant that he was marrying her because her parents had taken away her sister.

The complainant went to fetch some water at the borehole and ran away to her grandmother’s place and narrated the story. The matter was reported to the Police and the juvenile was referred to Neshuro District Hospital where she was examined leading to the accused’s arrest.

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