Man Rapes Corpse To Quench His Five-Year Love Obsession For The Deceased.

Man Rapes Corpse To Quench His Five-Year Love Obsession For The Deceased:

In a strange incident, a 49-year-old Epworth man appeared in court facing allegations of sexually abusing a corpse at a funeral

The accused who was identified as Big Sipiliano of KB169 Jacha in Epworth appeared before Harare Magistrate Mrs Babra Mateko facing charges of violating the corpse’s rights and indecent assault.

According to the Herald, the deceased’s mother, Phillipa Mazhindu, Bigie violated her daughter’s body before he attempted to extend the abuse to her and her other daughter.

“I was in the middle of mourning my daughter when Bigie and his friends came into my house soon after my daughter had died.

“They were holding beer in their hands, smoking weed and looked drunk; this was my first time seeing them too.

The deceased’s mother reported that the accused is the one who was doing all the talking before the two proceeded to vandalise her door.

“He said they had come on a mission and they had to fulfil their purpose or else there would be no peace.
“One of Bigie’s friends added saying they had been sent before Bigie said ‘kamusikana aka ndaikachiva zviya zvekukachiva zvekuti dai ndakaziva kachiri kapenyu five years dzese idzi ndakakarepa ndakanakirwa zvangu’,” narrated Mellisa’s mother.

“After hearing my screams, neighbours quickly gathered outside and one of them dragged Bigie outside where a scuffle ensued.

“Bigie continued shouting that whether he was being beaten by the mob, he had already achieved his mission.

“He continued in loud voices and screamed like he was possessed by some spirit rolling himself on the ground and mimicking the same sexual act he did on the corpse to the ground,” she said.

The deceased’s mother also reported that she could not handle the drama to an extent that she fainted and was taken to another room to be attended to by mourners.

After this whole drama Bigie allegedly fled the scene and police were informed of the girl’s death and Mellisa’s corpse was handed over to a local funeral parlour.

Bigie’s drama did not end there as he is reported to have gone and mobilized more of his friend and group of prostitutes to help him storm the funeral church procession.

Mellisa was later buried on Sunday at Zinyengere Cemetery in Epworth. Before she passed on, Mellisa was a resident in the Avenues area where her mother claimed she was working as a bar lady.

Police yesterday confirmed Bigie’s arrest saying he is soon to appear in court.

He is being charged with violating corpses as defined in section 111 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23.

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