Man Commits Suicide Over Child Maintenance

Man Commits Suicide Over Child Maintenance:

A man in Zaka identified as Misheck Maradza is alleged to have committed suicide after an argument with his wife over money sent to his sister meant for his daughter from his 1st marriage.

The man who was recognised as Misheck Maradza from Zaka committed suicide last week. This was after he argued with his wife over child support money which the now-deceased sent to his sister

Masvingo provincial assistant police spokesman, Inspector Kudakwashe Dewa said he was yet to get details of the incident.

However, a source who declined to be named said Maradza used earnings from the couple’s crops and this seems to have angered his wife.

“Maradza’s daughter from his previous marriage has always been an issue between the couple which led to the girl being moved to her aunt’s place. Maradza’s wife saw an EcoCash confirmation message on the sister’s phone after it had been brought over for charging which resulted in the fight between the two,’’ said the source.

Maradza is reported by i-Harare to have hanged himself last Sunday morning after he had returned from his sister’s place to inform her about the incident.

The source said that after returning home the deceased had a word fight with his wife and then went on to hang himself in the kitchen.

“After returning from his sister’s place, the now-deceased went to his bedroom and told his wife who was still sleeping that he was going to kill himself while searching through for the different types of ropes.

“His wife did not take him seriously which made the now deceased to leave the bedroom and go to the kitchen where he hanged himself.

“When he left the bedroom, his wife followed him after several minutes and that is when she saw him in the kitchen hanging from the room struggling to breathe. She rushed out to call for help and by the time people managed to get him down he was already dead’’ said the source.

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