Man Appears In Court For Brutally Assaulting Farm Worker

Brutally Assaulting Farm Worker

Man Appears In Court For Brutally Assaulting Farm Worker:

Cruelty ranges from the small things that people take and view as means of punishment, this is the case of a Banket man who was brutally assaulted and burnt with charcoal under his feet for stealing only 4 guinea fowl eggs.

The victim whose name was identified as Personal Paulo (34) of Plumstead Farm was assaulted and burnt for eating guinea fowl eggs belonging to Leon Koza. Paulo is being treated for wounds he sustained during the assault at Banket District Hospital.

Man Appears In Court For Brutally Assaulting Farm Worker ( Photo Credit ZiMetro News)

He reported that he was assaulted by Koza after he took four guinea fowl eggs and cooked them. Paulo said Koza assaulted him using a baton.

Koza who is the brother-in-law of Plumstead Farm’s owner assaulted Paulo on the 6th of February and only sought medical attention on the 26th. Koza had threatened Paulo that if he reports the incident he will get him arrested for stealing.

“Ndakarohwa pasi petsoka naLeon anon tsano vemunhu wandinoshandira mushure mekunge ndatora mazai mana ehanga ndikabika kuti ndidyise sadza.

“Leon akandisungirira pamasimbi ndikaradzikwa nedumbu ndokutanga kundirova pasi petsoka nebaton kusvika ndazvimba,” said Paulo.

He added:

“Akazotora huswa akabatidza moto ndo-kutanga kundipisa nemoto pamakumbo iwayo anga azvirnba kuita mazidanda achiti ndizoudza vamwe kuti kuba kwakashata.”

Paulo said he was threatened with unspecified action and dismissal from work if he reported the incident to the police. He said that if he ever reported the case, Koza would get him arrested for stealing at the farm.

Paulo only managed to seek medical care after his sister, who had visited him, discovered that her brother had wounds under the feet which were oozing blood and he was unable to walk.

A report was made at Banket Police Station leading to the arrest of Koza, who has since appeared in court and was remanded out of custody on free bail to March 19.

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