Machete Gang Invades Rusape And Escape With A Car, Cellphones And Cash

Boy Left Battling For Life

Machete Gang Invades Rusape And Escape With A Car, Cellphones And Cash:

In another update, three Rusape men lost valuables which included a car, cellphones and money to a Machete gang.

The armed robbers were reported to be in possession of machetes, catapults and axes, attacked the three-man while they were relaxing at their homestead after work.

Police confirmed the incident, saying the suspects are still at large.

Police spokesperson Inspector Luxson Chananda said the five-member gang besieged Monwe village under Chief Makoni where Solomon Dangirwa (35), Hatirarami Manyara (27) and John Samukange (33) live together at the same homestead.

He said the three arrived home and started preparing food and around 7:30pm, robbers pounced on their homestead armed with machetes, iron bars and catapults.

“When the complainants arrived at their homestead, 30 minutes later the suspects pounced on their house and tied their hands with shoelaces and locked them in one room,” said Chananda.

They reportedly ransacked the house and stole US$800, R260, one Samsung J4 cell phone, one Itel phone, one Salco phone.

The police spokesperson said the robbers stole a grey Honda Fit which they used as a gateway car.

One of the victims managed to untie himself, got out through the roof of the house and screamed to alert other villagers for assistance.

The matter was reported to Rusape police who attended the scene.

“As police, we urge members of the public to ensure their doors and cars are locked at night. We also encourage the public to install alarms on their premises for security reasons.”

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