Love Triangle Gone Wrong: Girlfriend Uses Waist Beads To Lure Married Man.

Love Triangle Gone Wrong: Girlfriend Uses Leads To Lure A Married Man.

Brenda Tsuro( Photo Credit H-Metro)

Love Triangle Gone Wrong as a fistfight drama broke out at Eastgate Shopping Mall on Tuesday when a married woman fought with a woman believed to be cohabiting with her husband.

The woman who was identified as Brenda Tsuro, 37 fought Chipo Dailes 33 and went away with her waist beads. The two were fighting over Brenda’s husband Trisha Tsuro 39.

After the fight, Chipo was left bleeding and she went and made a police report against Brenda at Harare Central police.
Chipo only promises to take down the charges on the condition that Brenda gives her back her waist beads which are believed to have the power to take married men.

According to H-Metro, Brenda testified saying Chipo provoked her by telling her that she has been receiving money for rentals.

“Chipo is the one who spotted me walking at the shopping mall and invited me to see her table and claimed that my husband was paying for the rentals,” said Brenda.

“This is not my first time to fight with Chipo over dating my husband and she wanted to show off that is why I failed to control my anger and assaulted her.

“Ndakadzura weave yake nekudambura chuma chake zvino ndicho chaari kuchemera hanzi nevamwe ndicho chinembinjiri dzekukwezva varume vevanhu.

Brenda claims she is not going to return the beads. She also reports on how she and the children are suffering at the expense of Chipo.

“She went on to explain that my husband would not clear our rental bills before paying for her market rentals and she even mentioned the amount we owe our landlord.

“It disturbed me much considering how I am suffering to get money for medical treatment of my child,” said Brenda.

Chipo Dailes (photo credit H-Metro)

Chipo’s side of the story she says Brenda is the one who came and attacked her at her workplace.

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