Local Artist Zimbo Da Vinci Trolls Celebrities

Local Artist Zimbo Da Vinci

Local Artist Zimbo Da Vinci Trolls Celebrities

A local artist who goes by the alias Zimbo Da Vinci is having the time of his life. The artist who rose to fame on Facebook through his art has been sharing his artwork on the social media platform. We aren’t too sure whether the artist is genuinely trying his best at portraying real-life portraits or if the Zimbabwean version of Picasso is taking a piss at local celebrities.

Check out the questionable ‘artwork’ below…

                                       Urban Grooves Musician Ex Q
zimbo da vinci
                     The Late Businessman Ginimbi and his manager Ms. Shally


zimbo da vinci
                                                                     Self Proclaimed Prophet Passion Java
zimbo da vinci
                                                                 Controversial Socialite and Radio Dj Mis Red

Spectators have drawn comparisons between Zimbo Da Vinci and South African Artist Rasta, who is Zimbabwean born too.

‘After Tears’ painter, Rasta has gained notoriety for his work, yet not in the most ideal way.

His craft has become so famous that The Queen entertainer Zenande Mfenyana tweeted that she doesn’t need Rasta to portray her at her burial service. She was responding to his representation of the late radio telecaster Bob Mabena.

There have been a few hints of something to look forward to after he figured out how to deliver a fair picture of the late battle symbol Andrew Mlangeni.

Rasta however doesn’t pay heed to the haters. He further went on to defend his craft stating,

“Peo­ple do not un­der­stand the pres­sure that comes with paint­ing in pub­lic, it’s not easy. Also, many peo­ple take pic­tures of my art­work when they are not com­plete and make com­ments on them. Some fam­i­lies are shocked when I send them the fi­nal art­work and see how good it looks, con­sid­er­ing all the com­ments they see on so­cial me­dia about the art­work.”

Do you reckon Zimbo Da Vinci can give Rasta a run for his money?


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