Lack Of Respect For The Dead Led Man To Farm On Top Of Graves.

Lack Of Respect For The Dead

Lack Of Respect For The Dead Led Man To Farm On Top Of Graves:

In a bizarre development, a man from Gokwe who does not have respect for the dead has been fined four cattle after he ploughed on five graves that are close to his homestead.

Smart Hwende (63) from Mutswangi village defied the community policy which stipulates that no one is allowed to plough on the graveyard.

A source from the village said Hwende went against the policy and levelled the graveyard.

According to a report by B-Metro, a family spokesperson of the affected family Naison Ncube tried to reason with him, but he never listened to him.

Ncube reported that:

“He (Hwende) vowed that he will not listen to me and the local leadership, saying we cannot tell him what to do because he needed land to plough.

“He then ploughed on the graves of my family members.

As a family we are shocked and at a loss for words.”

The case was then reported to the village head Amon Mutswangi.

The village head Mutswangi tried to knock sense into him, but he fumed while ranting that he did not plough on dead bodies.

“He told them that he did not plough on the dead bodies but on the soil and there was nothing wrong with that,” said a source.

Hwende could not be located in this case, efforts to make get a comment from him was in vain as his phone was not reachable.

B- Metro managed to carry out an interview with Chief Mkoka who confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that Smart Hwende from Mutswangi village ploughed on five graves of the Ncube family which is from Mutswangi village.

“After a full trial our traditional court found him guilty and fined him four cattle for defying a laid down policy that he is well aware of.

“What he did is unAfrican and very strange,” said chief Mkoka.

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