Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono Disables Whatsapp Button

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono Disables Whatsapp Button

Human Rights Activist and Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono seems to have hit a road bump in his bid to salvage what is left of humanity. Utilizing his online platform on Facebook which has over 100k followers and page likes, the world-renowned journo came up with the idea of introducing a WhatsApp button that can easily be accessed by his followers on his Facebook page. Hopewell Chin’ono wrote,

“Dear friends,

I have added a WhatsApp button on my Facebook page!

It is for folks who have something serious to communicate and for those in desperate need of help.

Please let us use this button reasonably and not send pointless messages.

I will not read compositions, make it short and sweet because hundreds of messages come through, so I can’t read long messages.

Only send a message if you have something important to share, not just to say, “…ndeipi Mudhara.”



Unfortunately, the purest of intentions do not necessarily translate into tangible results. What could have been a simple and straight-forward way for citizens to reach out and air their grievances instead turned out to be a joke of sorts instead? Chin’ono was spammed with thousands of nonsensical messages and friendly greetings – everything he had hoped the WhatsApp button would not be used for.  The WhatsApp button was then regrettably disabled from the page, much to the dismay of many. He further wrote the following day,


“I am sorry I have had to remove the WhatsApp button because it was being abused.
I put it so that those needing urgent help or wanting to sent stuff of what is happening can reach out, but all night people were sending irrelevant messages, and all morning people were sending messages asking for jobs etc.
As a community, if folks can’t follow simple instructions, we won’t go far in trying to fix our problem.
I woke up to thousands of messages with “Ndeipi” and “zvirisei.”
I certainly won’t manage to go throught such many useless messages looking for the right ones because I have no capacity to do so.
Some were now calling me at 2AM, some were sending stupid jokes. Sad and disappointing!
So we will keep it cool here.
Good morning!!!”
Disappointed followers argued that the spam messages could have been handled in a better manner with the use/assistance of an admin who would filter out and possibly block the bad weeds, while others argued that Zimbabwe as a community as a whole is not yet ready for the use of a platform such a Whatsapp to air out and share serious grievances.
What do you think could have been done better? Or what was it a hit-and-miss mini project?
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