In-Laws Fake Child’s Death To Seek Mothers Attention

In-Laws Fake Child’s Death To Seek Mothers Attention:

A Hopley couple reportedly faked their grandchild’s death to force their 20-year-old daughter-in-law to collect the baby.

The inlaws who were identified as Sonward Lisenga and his wife are at loggerheads with their daughter-in-law Abigail Maramba who was married to their son Tinashe Lisenga for lying to her that her one year seven months old baby was dead.

Maramba allegedly dumped the then 11-month-old baby at Lisenga’s family house after she had been accused of cheating and went to Masvingo where she now works.

In-Laws Fake Child’s Death To Seek Mothers Attention (Photo credit H-Metro)

In an interview with the H-Metro Lisenga said they lied to Maramba saying they wanted her to return and collect the baby; he said three self-styled prophets in their suburb had told the family that their son was not the father of the child.

Lisenga did not dismiss the fact that she called her daughter-in-law and lied about the passing of the child.

“The baby has been on and o­f good health and we consulted three local prophets who told us that the baby was not fathered by my son.

“We believe the prophecies because Tinashe hooked up with this woman at a local bar and she later claimed to have been impregnated by him.

“Everyone knows Maramba as a hooker and we told her to find somewhere to live and she relocated to Southlea Park.

“Tinashe was visiting her behind our back and upon the birth of the child he showed interest and we confronted him.

“Maramba later got employed and she left the baby in our custody and we accepted since Tinashe showed interest in the baby.

Tinashe was hesitant about the paternity of the baby saying Maramba had clashed with his parents and is in a state of confusion.

“I stayed with Maramba for a few days and she was taken to my mother’s sister’s’ village in Chihota,” said Tinashe.

“I never visited her until she returned and got employed as a housemaid in Glen View and she would bring food for the baby.

“As for the paternity of the baby I cannot say much but I am beginning to doubt if I am the real father because of the baby’s illness,” said Tinashe.

Maramba threatened to take legal action against her in-laws over faking the death of her child and vowed to only take the child after DNA tests.

She also reported that her in-laws have been on her case since the day she got married to their son. Maramba confesses that they even went to an extent of having an HIV test for the child after accusing her of being positive.

“I was asked to leave their house and was taken to Chihota where they organised several men to propose to me in a bid to prove their assumption that I’m a woman of loose morals. “I later returned and left the baby in their custody in anger as they had wrecked my marriage.

“I got employed as a housemaid and I started supporting them but I failed to provide them with food for the past two months that is why they faked my child’s death.

“It did not sit well with me considering the way they ill-treated me that is why I verbally assaulted them.

“Vakaenda kunoudzwa nhema nemaporo­fita avo nekuti muporo­fita anokuudza zvawaenda uchifunga mumoyo mako.

“Muporo­fita haakwanise kuona zviri muropa saka ini ndichazotora mwana kana vandiendesa kuma DNA tests uye tagadziriswa nematare edzimhosva nekuti ndashungurudzwa kwenguva yakareba ndichinzi ndiri pfambi,” said Maramba.

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