“I beat her for her own good”, Husband Justifies Domestic Violence In Court.

I beat her for her own good, Husband justified Domestic Violence In Court:

In yet another court update, a Kwekwe woman who was identified as Samukheliso Dube approached Kwekwe civil court appealing for protection order over an abusive husband.

Dube told the court that she has nothing to do with her husband Ebenezer Moyo and that she was tired of the physical abuses she was getting from him.

She told the court that the Moyo takes advantage of her sickness to abuse her and she said she has a lot of bruises from the beating.

“He is cunning and deceiving in everything he does and he wants to take advantage of my sickness to abuse me and take advantage of me.

“He has been abusing me for some time now and if he gets a thorough beating and torture he can testify the truth as it is.

“His aim is to separate me from my kids just like the last time he took me to Ingutsheni hospital where I was admitted for mental illness.

However, the husband Ebenezer Moyo admitted to his domestic violence act but denied the application of the protection order saying all the beatings were for her own good.

He appealed to the court to dismiss the application and that her wife is mentally ill and all the beating she endures are due to her health.

“I beat her up and threaten her because she would be refusing to take her medication.

“I am the only person who can take care of her and my means may not be good for her but they are for her own good,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Mildred Mutuvi granted the order in Dube’s favour citing that there are other means of helping her which do not involve abuse.

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