Hyenas Drag Man From His Hut And Feast On Him

man dragged from hut and eaten by hyenas

A Cackle Of Hyenas Drag Man From His Hut And Feast On Him While Sleeping At Night

man dragged from his hut and eaten by a cackle of hyenas( File Photo)

In a weird, unnatural, and sad update from Chirumanzu, a man was killed by a cackle of hyenas while sleeping in his hut at night.

It is reported that on Tuesday the deceased was attacked by hyenas, dragged him out from his hut before pouncing on his lower body at night.

The incident was confirmed by Zimbabwe Parks Public Relations Officer, Tinashe Rarawo and the name and age of the deceased was not revealed. He also commented on other hyena incidents that have been taking place in that area and that Zimbabwe Parks And Wild Life will see to it that they act on the prevailing situation.

According to a local publication, H-Metro Tinashe Farawo Confirmed the incident.

“It is unfortunate that a Chirumanzu man was killed by hyenas.
“He was dragged from his hut while sleeping during the night and his lower body was eaten. he said

He also went on to mention other incidents that occurred in Chirumanzu.

“In a related incident, six beasts have been killed by hyenas in the same area and parks rangers are on the ground tracking down the problem animals with a view to eliminate the hyenas,” said Tinashe Farawo.

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