Horror Scene In Chitungwiza As Man Kills Stepson Over $50 Airtime

Horror Scene In Chitungwiza As Man Kills Stepson Over $50 Airtime:

There was a horror scene in Chitungwiza last week after a man struck his 11-year-old stepson to death with a hammer. The stepfather was apparently furious at the minor after he bought $50 airtime instead of $20 as instructed.

 Owen Nyamukachi allegedly struck his stepson Strive Madamombe with a hammer on the head on February 7, 2021. Unfortunately, Madamombe succumbed to the injuries sustained during the savage hammer attack.

 The Zimbabwean Republic Police confirmed the incident. According to the National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told,

“The sad incident occurred on February 7, 2021, where Nyamukachi who is a stepfather to the Madamombe, gave the boy US$1 and sent him to buy $20 airtime. It is reported that Madamombe came back with $50 airtime instead of $20.

“This angered Nyamukachi who took a hammer and assaulted Madamombe in the head. He sustained a deep cut and fell down. He eventually died.”

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi also revealed that when Nyamukachi realised the full gravity of what he had done, he tried to kill himself. He did not shed further detail on how Nyamukachi had tried to commit suicide. However, the stepfather was saved by those nearby, who rushed him to a local hospital where he is currently admitted.

Cautioning people against the use of force when it comes to disciplining errant children, the Assistant Commissioner said,

“Parents should not use forceful means whenever they are solving issues with children. We also urge couples to always resolve their disputes peacefully.”

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