Heartbreaking Details Of Anne Nhira’s Death Emerge

Heartbreaking Details Of Anne

Heartbreaking Details Of Anne Nhira’s Death Emerge

The unfortunate attack that led to the demise of Studio 263 Actress Anne Nhira, left the nation in shock and mourning. A murder docket regarding the incident has finally been opened.

Anne Nhira’s body is set to be repatriated as soon as the autopsy results have been concluded this week, a close member of the family confirmed.

The actress passed away on Wednesday, succumbing to injuries of the mugging.

During the funeral wake in Manyame Park, Florence Ziyambi who is currently serving as the family spokesperson said investigations are underway.

Florence Ziyambi went on to state,

“A docket has been prepared in South Africa and we have been given a case reference number, although they have not yet arrested the attackers.

Her brother Juan, whom she was in the company of on the day in question, is the one making efforts to provide information.

Investigations are underway.”

Sharing a descriptive image of the gruesome moments before Anne met her demise,

“Most of Vimbai’s time, she was based in South Africa and I thank God that by the time of her death, she had turned to God. According to the reports we are getting, they had gone for a morning prayer in a mountain on Monday last week.

She then decided to return home, leaving her brother behind and as she was going down the mountain passing through a park, that’s when she was attacked.

Anne is said to have told some passersby who saw her after the attack that she had left her brother in the mountain. They rushed to call him before she was ferried to the hospital where doctors could not identify any visible injuries.

“Contrary to what they have said, she was damaged inside, that was on Tuesday, and they went back to the hospital on Wednesday, but on their way, her condition deteriorated. Whilst on their way, she was complaining of feeling hot, but when they touched her they discovered that she was cold.

Upon arrival at the hospital, she was put in the resuscitation room and we were told to stay outside.

It did not take time – they were told she had passed on,” Ziyambi explained.


Ziyambi went on to share the plans for the burial arrangements.

“We are waiting for the results, which we are told were finalized Tuesday morning.

Nyaradzo Funeral Services has taken over to do the necessary repatriation process. We don’t know when they will be through. We are hoping in two days’ time so that the body is brought home. Maybe by Thursday, we are not sure.

This last weekend, they said they could not do anything since the home affairs offices were closed, but we are hoping by Friday they will be done, so the body should be home by the weekend.

They have started working on repatriation papers,” Ziyambi added.


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