Good Samaritan Escape Death By A Whisker After Trying To Stop A Fight At A Kitchen Party.

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Good Samaritan Escape Death By A Whisker After Trying To Stop A Fight At A Kitchen Party:

A 22-year old man from Patane village at Tuli in Gwanda escaped death by a whisker and is battling for his life at the hospital after he was stabbed several times on his chest and back while trying to be a good samaritan at a kitchen party.

The case has been confirmed by Matebeland Province Spokesperson Inspector Loveness Magena. In a report she said,

“I can confirm that a man only identified as Mthokozi and aged 23 is assisting police with investigations after he stabbed Allbright Molepo (22) at an illegal kitchen party held at Patane village on February 28 from. around 7 pm to 3 am.

Molepo was ferried to Manama Hospital before he was transferred to Gwanda Provincial Hospital where he is in a critical condition,” said Insp Mangena.

A witness who spoke to The Chronicle reported that the party was held in defiance of Covid-19 regulations that prohibit gathering.

The victim whose name was identified as Mr Malope was caught up after trying to stop a fight between Mthokozisi and his cousin 20-year-old Uluketsi Nare.

“There was a kitchen top-up party at the village and it started at around 7 pm and ended after the stabbing incident.

“Mthokozisi had a misunderstanding with Molepo’s cousin Uluketsi Nare and they started to fight. Molepo tried to stop Mthokozi who got angry and stabbed him on the back and on the chest,” said the witness.

Insp Mangena called on members of the public to observe lockdown regulations.

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