Gold Panner Rapes, Beheads Estranged Wife, Attempts Suicide

Man Kills Wife

Gold Panner Rapes, Beheads Estranged Wife, Attempts Suicide:

In a very sad development, a Bing gold panner rapped and murdered his estranged wife before trying to commit suicide.

The accused Lastmore Ngwenya (24) is reported to be battling for his life in hospital after he cut himself on the neck in the attempt to take his life.

According to a report made by New Zimbabwe Munkuli got sick in October last year and visited a self-proclaimed prophet who told her that Ngwenya’s father had bewitched her.

Disturbed by what the prophet had told her, Munkuli confronted her husband resulting in a misunderstanding which saw her abandon her matrimonial home.

Chief Siachialaba was asked to intervene and help reconcile the couple.

However, after summoning the two families, Chief Siachilaba ruled that the marriage was no longer safe and a consensus was reached for the couple to separate and share property.

“The two parties appeared before Chief Siachilaba on December 24 and a consensus was reached for the couple to separate and share property. After the court, Munkuli left with her cousin Eveline Muleya going to a Zion Church service in the area while Ngwenya left to an unknown destination. Munkuli spent the night at Muleya’s place of residence after church and woke up in the morning to go home using a small footpath,” said prosecutor Dube.

It is not yet clear what happened along the way, but Munkuli’s lifeless bloodstained body was found by her sister with a deep cut on the throat, both palms, and chin.

Her undergarment was torn and removed to knee level while there was semen on her privates suggesting that Ngwenya may have raped her before the murder.

Ngwenya disappeared after killing his wife, he was found unconscious in his bedroom hut the following day with a deep cut on the neck.

Meanwhile, Ngwenya is currently admitted at Binga District Hospital where he is reportedly unconscious.

Binga magistrate Urgent Vundla remanded him to next week Friday on his hospital bed for a charge of murder and rape.

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