Game Over For Hubby As Wife Pulls His Manhood For Dumping Her

Wife Pulls His Manhood

Game Over For Hubby As Wife Pulls His Manhood For Dumping Her:

In a dramatic turn of events, a woman went berserk and attacked his husband with a cooking stick before she pulled his manhood for allegedly breaking up with her.

The victim Clemence Nyathi from Sifungo Line under Chief Mahlathini received thorough hiding from his wife Alice Ncube after he indicated to her that he was moving out of their matrimonial house because of her alleged adulterous behaviour.

As if the brutal assault was not enough, Nyathi was left groaning and writhing in pain after his wife violently grabbed and twisted his manhood as punishment for dumping her.

It is reported that on 21 March 2021, the couple had an argument after Nyathi accused his wife of indulging in extramarital affairs.

Nyathi is reported to have indicated to his wife that they should separate so that she can freely continue with her extra-marital affairs.

Ncube could not take this and had to act by allegedly assaulting Tshuma with a cooking stick all over the body.

She reportedly went on to pull his manhood before Nyathi gathered courage and pushed her away and headed to the police to report the matter.

As a result of the assault, he sustained injuries but did not seek medical attention.

In an effort to save herself from humiliation in court, Ncube apologized to her husband causing him to withdraw the matter before plea.

In his founding affidavit which was seen by B-Metro,  Nyathi stated that his wife had asked for forgiveness adding that he was also afraid that if she was convicted and sent to jail there would be no one to look after their three minor children since he was employed.

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