Full Speech : Robert Mugabe’s Quotes About President ED Mnangagwa On His 95th Birthday

Bob @95 quotes,

2) Speaking in Shona & English (code mixing) he said “Vamwe vanofunga hukuru hunoreva kuponda vanhu, handizvo!” (Some believe being a leader entails murdering people, that’s not it.

(3) “Vana vaNkomo, vaMuzenda, nevanwe vakaenda handizvo zvatakasikira masoja. Masoja haatungamirire politics.” (Mr Nkomo, Mr Muzenda and I did not create the army to kill pple. The army does not lead politics)

(4) “Ko zvino tinonzwa kunemakuva nemakuva evanhu akafa vachiurawa nemasoja, vachafushunhurwa nani?” (Now we hear there are countless graves of pple killed by the army, who is going to unearth or exhume those bodies?)

(5) “Zvamurikuita [zvekuuraya vanhu] izvi zvichakudzokerai, mangwana, mangwana, chaiwo”. (What you are doing [killing people] is gooing to catch-up with you very very soon.Just tommorrow, it would have caught up with you)

(6) “Anoda kuona mutumbi wevanhu everyday, achazoona kuti vanhu vachazoda kuona mutumbi wake iye.Ndinoti kumasoja stop killing pple! “(He who is obsessed with seeing corpses everyday will soon realize that pple wld clamour 2 c his corpse 1day.I say to soldiers stop killing pple!)

(7) “I say to soldiers be followers of the pple u want to lead, you are not even qualified to lead them. Take your places in recognition that u r not trained to lead but to follow the pple, to protect them”

? “Iwe uri pamusoro uri kuda kuzvirumbidza? (U who is on top, you brag?) You are not God ED (Mnangagwa).Todayyou are at the top, tomorrow u will be at the bottom. Zvizive izvozvo (know that). God has his own way of punishing rogues and cruel pple.”

(9) “You can’t do without seeing dead bodies? Uri munhu akaita sei anopona nendufu?” (What kind of a person are you? You feed on death? )

(10) “No! no! no! to soldiers being leaders of the pple? Get the soldiers to their rightful place.”

(11) “Hatimbotaura zvekunyara, zvekutya kwete.(We will not shy away or be afraid to talk, no!) Let’s be frank with each other.”

(12)”Hatingati vanhu varambe vachingorohwa musoro. (We can’t continue with pple being bashed on the head.) So I say to you, get your lessons correct. Let’s create an environ where our pple are happy, not what’s happening now.”

(13) “Vanhu ngavade masoja not vamatye” (Pple shld love their army, they shld not fear the army.)

(14) “This is not the environnent we wanted to create navaMsika nanavaNkomo.Tinoda kuti vanhu vafare.” (This is not the environ we wanted to create with Mr Msika and Mr Nkomo [late VPs], we wanted pple to be happy “.

(15) “Tinoda kuti vanhu vaone nyika senyika yavakarwira kwete yakarwirwa nevamwe vasiri ivo. Kwete yakarwirwsa nemasoja chete.” We want pple to see the country as the one they fought for, not one that was fought for by soldiers alone)

(16) “Ndiri kukuudzai (I am telling you) straight forward. I dont care what will happen to me”

(17) “Ndoda kutenda kunyange vandirikutuka ivava, tinovatenda nokuuya kuzoterera” (I want to thank even those I am chiding, we thank them for coming to listen).

(18) “We are one pple in Zimbabwe. Tinosungirwa kubatwa nevatungamiri sevanhu vaMwari kwete sezvikara zvemusango. (Leaders are bound to treat us like God’s pple, not beasts of the forest)

(19) “When we started our struggle we had principles and those principles have been abandoned.”

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