Four Police Officers Arrested For Criminal Abuse Of Office:

Four Police Officers Arrested For Criminal Abuse Of Office:

Four Highlands police officers were last Friday taken to court as they are facing charges of criminal abuse of office.

The four are reported to have been taking bribes from motorists on roadblocks. The suspects who were identified as, Moster Jambwa, 40, Jeremiah Kasawaya 39, Washington Sande, 30, and Tendai Mutanhu, 37, were not asked to plead when they appeared before Harare magistrate Judith Taruvinga.

According to HMetro, allegations are that on December 30, 2020, police internal investigations department received a tip-off to the effect that the four accused persons who were manning a roadblock along Enterprise Road were receiving bribes from motorists and hiding money in a car that was parked 100 metres away from the spot.

The court learnt that Chief Inspectors Gwenhure, Mugwenhi and Shuro teamed up and went to the site to investigate and when they arrived they reportedly observed that they had finished duty and handed over duty to the afternoon shift workers.

They then went to the parked car where they were seized but Kasawaya refused to have his car searched when they were searched none of them had cash on their person.

A search warrant was obtained from a regional magistrate at Harare Magistrates court for the car to be searched and a black diary was recovered with $745, US$190 in one partition of a wallet, US$32 was found in another partition of the wallet, $1000 was found in the rear left passenger pouch, US$180 and $955 was found in plastic bag.

The money is currently being held as an exhibit.

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