Four Armed Robbers Loiter For Hours After Jumping Into A ‘Spiritually Fenced’ Yard

Four armed robbers were caught up in a nightmare when they found themselves trapped in a yard at a house they were trying to rob.

This weird incident happened in Bulawayo’s suburb of Selborne Park.

It is reported that the four thieves were fully armed with an axe, machete and iron bar. The robbers despite being fully armed they only managed to jump over the precast wall but failed to get inside the house.

i-Harare reported that the owner of the house, a businesswoman who requested her name not to be revealed said she saw the robber enter her yard at around 2 am.

Last week on Wednesday at around 2.30 have I heard footsteps in the yard and when I peeped through the window, I saw four men who were armed with an iron bar, axe and a machete,” she said.

The businesswoman reported that sometime in September she lost US$ 35 000 and R  21000 to armed robbers and this made he consult a prophet whose name is Black Elish. The Prophet is said to have spiritually fenced her house.

A friend advised me to engage Prophet Black Elisha and I approached him for his services to spiritually lock my yard. I sought his help but I had a doubt in my mind that the “fencing” thing would work but to my surprise, it worked, she said.

The four thieves are said to have wandered aimlessly in the yard without making any efforts to break in.

The businesswoman had to call her neighbours and this was after the police had said they had no transport to get to her place.

The neighbours were surprised to find the thieves loitering in the yard.

They could not believe it when they saw four robbers, who seemed clueless about where they were, loitering in my yard.

My neighbours beat them up and asked them what they were up to but they only wailed and appealed for forgiveness, said the businesswoman.

After two hours at around 5:30 am the police then arrived and arrested the robbers.

However, Bulawayo acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele said she was unaware of such an incident.

Prophet Black Elisha who is also known for locking cheating men and women said:

The businesswoman approached me after robbers had robbed her of her substantial savings. I had to spiritually lock her yard. I’m happy because the thieves were caught and they didn’t steal anything.

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