Filabusi Man Went Berserk, Kills Wife and Commits Suicide After Finding Wife In Bed With Neighbor

Man Kills Wife and Commits Suicide:

In a sad update from Filabusi, A 55-year-old man lost it and axed his 34-year-old wife before committing suicide by drinking a pesticide.

The man who was identified as Mr Zama Mafu of Sidingimpilo Village under Chief Maduna had a week ago reportedly walked in on his wife, Simelokhuhle Dube, in the couple’s matrimonial bed with one of his neighbours, leading to an altercation.

According to  Zimeye, the couple appeared to have made up, but Mafu allegedly became violent on Tuesday night.

It could not be stated if the latest fight was in connection to Dube’s alleged infidelity.

Mafu allegedly axed his wife twice on the head and she is suspected to have died on the spot. Her body was then found on Wednesday at around 6 am, about 300m from the couple’s homestead.

Neighbours said Mafu could have killed his wife on Tuesday at around 8 PM and immediately drank a poisonous dipping chemical.

When police attended the crime scene on Wednesday, they found him home in a critical state and rushed him to Filabusi District Hospital where he died on the same day.

He was not able to explain the motive behind the brutal murder, as he could not speak.

Matabeleland South acting police spokesperson Inspector Loveness Mangena yesterday decried the violent killing and suicide.

She urged members of the public to be civil when handling domestic disputes.

She said people should learn to engage third parties for counselling and advice whenever they face challenges to avoid intimate partner violence.

Inspector Mangena said Dube’s body was discovered by a villager who was walking to his fields.

“Police also observed that Simelokhule Dube had two deep cuts on her head and the axe used in committing the crime was recovered next to her body.”

Insp Mangena said police tracked footprints near the body to Mafu’s homestead.

“We managed to arrest him although we learnt that he had already taken poison in an attempt to take his life. He was already critical and was rushed to Filabusi District Hospital where he died,” she added.

Sources close to the family said the couple led a happy and peaceful life until Dube allegedly cheated and was caught red-handed with their neighbour.

Family members were engaged to solve the dispute days ago and the couple resolved to forgive each other before the killing.

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