Farmer Loses 1000 Chickens To Lightning

In a sad update, a Ntabazinduna farmer lot 1000 chickens to lightning last week.

It is reported that Ms Sidumisile Mathe of Mahaja village in Ntabazinduna last Tuesday saw the world collapsing in her face when a lightning bolt struck her fowl run, killing all her 1 000 chickens. The chickens were ready for the market last Friday, and she had already got a potential buyer for the entire lot.

“It all happened on Tuesday around 4 pm, it began to rain heavily and I was with one of my helpers trying to secure the fowl run. We then left for the main house and that is when a bolt of lightning struck the fowl run, it was like a huge ball of fire. It was scary. I immediately rushed back to the fowl run screaming for help, neighbours came through as they initially thought that maybe the lightning had struck while we were inside the fowl run because we would spend most of our time in the fowl run,” said Ms Mathe.

According to i-Harare, Ms Mathe did not lose her chickens only, she also lost all her chicken feeding equipment and chicken feed that were stored in the fowl run.

“I invested US$2 500 for the construction of the fowl run and to date had used about US$1 000 for the feed, as I had purchased 70 bags of chicken feed. What pains me is that I lost these chickens when I had already got a market for them, actually, they were now three days from reaching the required six weeks maturity, I was supposed to be delivering them on (last) Friday,” said Ms Mathe.

The area’s councillor, Alexander Mkandla commented that it was very unfortunate that Ms Mathe now had to go back to the drawing board at a time when she was one of the top chicken projects success stories in Ntabazinduna.

“Most people were looking up to her, as she was very passionate about this project. For her sweat to be rewarded like this is very painful, to say the least. While we appreciate the rains, our community was hard hit by their violent nature, I was made aware of another family that lost 150 chickens but theirs was because their fowl run was destroyed by the heavy rain which resulted in the roof collapsing on the chickens,” said Clr Mkandla.

The Met Department has warned that the country will, as from tomorrow, experience heavy rains and in some cases violent storms in the Matabeleland region.

“We are expecting heavy rains on Monday (tomorrow), starting in the Matabeleland region and parts of the Midlands and Masvingo provinces, before spreading to the rest of the country. There is a possibility of flash flooding due to these rains and further, we expect that there will be damaging winds and lots of lightning. We, therefore, call on the public not to shelter under trees, avoid the use of cellphones and electrical gadgets, during these storms,” said Mr Zinyemba.



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