Family Appears In Court For Heavily Assaulting Son-in-law

Mother Throws Daughter Into A River

Family Appears In Court For Heavily Assaulting Son-in-law:

A  family is reported to have appeared in court for heavily assaulting their son-in-law who they accused of mistreating their daughter. The victim is said to have been left in his boxers, nursing swollen testicles and bleeding from the mouth.

Buhlebenkosi Mkhwananzi (29) fled to a police station last week on Wednesday after her husband, Frank Mpala (35) locked her in the house and beat her for asking when her mother should visit them.

The following day, Frank beat his wife again, this time for reporting him to the police. Buhlebenkosi had to phone her father, Lungelwe Mkhwananzi (64), who teamed up with his wife, Patricia Mkhwananzi (53) and other family members and headed to Buhlebenkosi’s place.

When they got there, Mkhwananzi charged his son-in-law for physically abusing his daughter. Mkhwananzi thumped Frank with a knobkerrie until it broke.

The livid Mkhwananzi rained fists on his hapless son-in-law who tumbled to the ground, the court heard.

According to B-Metro, the fuming father-in-law kicked his son-in-law all over the body and one of the kicks landed on the private parts, resulting in Frank’s testicles swelling.

While he was writhing on the ground, his mother-in-law beat him with an umbrella all over the body and hit him with a pot on the head, the court heard.

Somehow Frank had to dig deep and summoned the power to hit his father-in-law on the face with a clenched fist, the court heard.

His sister-in-law stepped in and beat a bleeding Frank, tore his shirt and trousers, leaving him in boxer short.

Frank reported the matter at Tshabalala police station leading to the arrest of Mkhwananzi, his mother-in-law and his wife. Other family members were picked up by police this week on Monday.

They appeared before magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube at Western Commonage Magistrate Courts, facing physical abuse charges.

They were not asked to plead and were remanded out of custody to 28 April for the commencement of trial. The state was represented by Rosemary Mbeure.

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