Drama In Hwange As 80-Year-Old Woman Was Forced To Undress By Tsikamutanda.

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Drama In Hwange As 80-Year-Old Woman Is Forced To Undress By Tsikamutanda:

There was real-life drama in Hwange after an 80-year-old Hwange woman was reportedly forced to undress and had her p_ubic hair shaved by a  traditional healer (Tsikamutanda), who accused her of having sexual intercourse with men using mubobobo.

According to The Chronicle, Malachi Ncube, a tsikamutanda whose age was not given but residing at Croc Farm in Binga and Mavis Ndlovu (58) of Hangano village, Gwayi area in Dete were in the company of Otilia Fuzani (49) also from Gwayi when they allegedly committed the crime on the complainant whose identity has been concealed to protect her.

It was reported that an underwear belonging to one of the villagers’ children went missing before the complainant’s 11-year-old grandson was found with the undergarments leading Hangano villager into inviting Ncube to consult him.

Villagers suspected witchcraft and convened a meeting where it was agreed that a tsikamutanda should be consulted.

Ncube, who was already in the village at one of the villagers’ homestead, accused the complainant of possessing mubobobo which he said she uses to have sex with men in the village.

The tsikamutanda alleged that the complainant had slept with all men in Hangano village using mubobobo and a cleansing ceremony was organized where Ncube, Ndlovu, and Fuzani allegedly took the complainant to a room where they forcibly undressed her before shaving her p_bic hair.

The elderly woman reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of Ncube and Ndlovu .

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Inspector Glory Banda confirmed the arrest of Ncube and Ndlovu while Fuzani is on the run.

He said Ncube and Ndlovu are being charged with indecent assault and will soon appear in court.

“I can confirm the incident which occurred on the 13th of February where village head Mr Albert Moyo called for a meeting where complainant also attended at around 7AM. At the meeting it was alleged that complainant’s grandson was seen with panties belonging to a neighbour’s children. The undies had gone missing some time ago,” said Insp Banda.

The Chronicle reports that police have urged members of the public to desist from consulting tsikamutandas saying their activities are illegal.

“We appeal to all citizens to report all tsikamutanda activities. All their operations are illicit and should not be allowed to conduct witch hunting activities. On numerous occasions they have made off with several herds of cattle at the mercy of suffering and unsuspecting villagers,” said Insp Banda.

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