Disgraced Adulterer Speaks Out After Public Humiliation Went Viral

Disgraced Adulterer Speaks Out After Public Humiliation Went Viral

Disgraced Adulterer Speaks Out After Public Humiliation Went Viral

The one who was of late attacked by a ‘gunman’ for supposedly cheating with the last’s significant other has excused bits of gossip that he is a cleric in the military.

Prize Chaterera has likewise excused gossipy tidbits that he surrendered to the wounds he supported because of the assault.

As per H-Metro, Chaterera was attacked by a “shooter” just distinguished as Baba Lolo from Glen Norah in a video that became a web sensation as of late.

Disgraced adulterer Chaterera told the distribution that he is a government worker and neither a congregation minister nor clergyman as provided details regarding online media.

Chaterera said he didn’t miss work over the episode and the greater part of the reports coursing via online media about him were bogus. He had the following to say about the public incident that went viral,

“Unoziva ndirikumboseka zvangu ndichiverenga zvirikukandwa pa social media about the incident.
“I am alive and going to work, not reports circulating that I passed on due to injuries sustained.

“I am not a church pastor or chaplain, but a civilian and I want to believe words are powerful; one day I will be a church pastor.

Endeavors to get a remark from the “gunman” were purposeless. At the point when the hmetro’s newsgroup visited his home, his co-occupant said Mai Lolo wasn’t present and the shooter had gone to work.

Notwithstanding, as indicated by certain neighbors, the alleged gunman set up a gathering not long after the occurrence and it is affirmed that he is no longer with Mai Lolo except for he is presently living with another lady.

In the viral video, Chaterera, wearing a suit and a tie, was seen being hauled from a left vehicle where he was in the company of Mai Lolo and the two had to abound in mud and were brutally attacked by Baba Lolo.


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