Couple Secretly bury son after father beats him to death.

Couple Secretly bury son after father beats son to death.

A couple in Lupane is allegedly facing murder charges after secretly burying a son. The two whose names were identified as Saviours Ncube (22), and Wife Siphethangani Moyo (20) were staying together as husband and wife with a stepson whose name was not identified.

It is reported that Saviour whipped his 18-month-old stepson to death and conveyed with the boy’s mom to bury the body without anyone knowing about the incident.

The reason for the beating is not yet known. The couple after burying the boy fled from their homestead and have been staying in Umguza District.

According to the Chronicle, the arrest came after a tip-off from an unidentified person whom the wife had confided in. The two are faced with murder charges and were not asked to plead to the charge.

The appeared before Lupane Resident magistrate Mr Ndumo Masuka who remanded the couple in custody to December 9. He advised them to approach the High Court if they want to apply for bail.

The state represented by Mr Clive Gumbo told the court that Ncube beat up the infant on November 12 causing his death the following day.

“On 12 November and at the accused persons’ homestead, Ncube assaulted his stepson Tawanda Madombiro with a switch several times all over the body. Tawanda died the following day around 9 am in the morning,” said Mr Gumbo.
The court learned that the two instead of reporting the issue to the police the couple kept the body until 7 pm and plotted the burial. Ncube and Moyo were reported to have put the boy’s body in a sack and buried it at a nearby anthill.

Moyo is reported to have confided to a hairdresser while doing her hair in Insuza. The hairdresser whose name was not identified tipped of the police leading to the arrest of the couple.

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