Cleansing Ceremony Gone Wrong As Kambuzuma Blue Dam Claims Another Life

Cleansing Ceremony Gone Wrong As Kambuzuma Blue Dam Claims Another Life:

A self-proclaimed healer drowned during a cleansing ceremony in Kambuzuma at the infamous Blue Dam on Tuesday.

The self-proclaimed healer identified as Mai Tino was a resident of Kambuzuma’s Section 5 suburb.

It is alleged that Mai Tino went to the dam to perform cleansing rituals on some unidentified girls who claimed to be spiritually possessed.

Cleansing Ceremony Gone Wrong As Kambuzuma Blue Dam Claims Another Life

In an interview held by H-Metro, on one of the eyewitness, one of the girls went into a trance and dived into the Dam and started to drown, Mai Tino is alleged to have drowned while trying to save the girl.

The woman who drowned came with two girls intending to have a cleansing ceremony but when they got here one of the girls acted as if she was in a trance and fell into the water.

She started speaking English which the healer didn’t understand so the healer tried to get the girl out of the water.

The girl started drowning and ‘came out of the trance’ and tried to rescue the healer but she was overpowered by the water.

She left the dam to look for assistance, upon return they managed to take her out of the water but it was too late.

They went on to call the police who then escorted them to the healer’s place of residence, the eye witness who refused to be named said.

The two girls are believed to have travelled all the way from Mufakose seeking deliverance from the deceased – Mai Tino.

Many believe that the Dam is home to Mermaids who terrorize unsuspecting individuals who go near the Dam’s blue waters.

Last year in September a sixteen-year-old boy who was a form three student at St Marys Magdalene High School drowned in the Dam and his body was recovered 48 hours later with blood oozing out of his nose.

Residents of Kambuzuma who were at the scene said the police sub-aqua unit interrupted an initiation process that Mermaids were conducting on the boy and that’s why he died.

Vasanganisa zvinhu, the African traditional rituals and the modern ones of the using the sub-aqua team. I am sure if they hadn’t called them the boy was going to be saved. This is a sacred pool, he is bleeding meaning that he hadn’t died but was going through the initiation process underwater but he only died when the rescue team got into the water, said one resident.

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