Chaos As Satanism Scare At School Disrupts Exams 

Chaos As Satanism Scare At School Disrupts Exams 
Chaos As Satanism Scare At School Disrupts Exams. Image Credit: The Manica Post

Chaos As Satanism Scare At School Disrupts Exams 

Teachers at Chirinda High School in Ward 9 of Mutare South are being accused of initiating students into a cult resulting in learning and public examinations being disrupted as the learners acted mysteriously.

It was reported that some Form Four girls were behaving strangely. They called out teachers’ names and sometimes menacingly charge toward them.

The Manica Post revealed that last Wednesday, lessons were suspended at the school as school authorities were locked in meetings with officials from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and parents of the affected learners.

One of the girls told the publication that the strange happenings started after they attended a birthday party hosted by the headmistress.

She said:

One Saturday evening this month, a teacher (name withheld) came and fetched us from our dormitories around 7 Pm.

She took us to the headmistress’ residence at the staff quarters within the school premises where she was hosting a birthday party for her daughter.

Cakes, popcorn, biscuits, sweets, and raspberry syrup were served at the party. The school matron was not around that day and we returned to our dormitories around midnight.

The learner added that after a few days they started “visiting” an unknown place where they would get underwater during the night. She said:

A lot happened there. We wore gold necklaces and bracelets as well as high-heeled shoes.

Sometimes we stripped naked before wearing black robes and drinking blood from white glasses.

Eventually, we would turn into mermaid-like creatures.

The girl said they fall under a spell each time any of the said teachers passes by. She also said when she looks into the teacher’s eyes, the teacher’s face mysteriously spins into different shapes and forms with a fluorescent glow.

The girl’s sister Sandra Hoko said when the girl was taken to a nearby clinic after an inexplicable seizure, no disease was diagnosed.

Manicaland Provincial Education Director, Edward Shumba said:

From what I heard, this could be a case of hysteria. It then becomes difficult to differentiate between a person who is possessed or not as there may be no way to authenticate that with a spiritual, supernatural or scientific explanation. As such, it may be difficult to tell what is factual from fictition.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers’ Association (ZINATHA) president, George Kandiero said the girls are under a spiritual attack adding that it is possible that they are being used by cults for monetary or sexual gains.

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