Car Sex Gone Wrong: Thieves Interrupt Good Time

A Bulawayo man escaped death by a whisker after thieves attacked him when he was off having sex in a car with his girlfriend.

The thieves were reported to have been armed with a knife and a knobkerrie stabbed the ma who was identified as Ngonidzaishe Ninge (42).

According to iHarare, the thieves stole valuables worth US$ 5300 including a cellphone Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Ngonidzaishe 42 and his girlfriend Nozizwe Khumalo (21) had decided to treat themselves by having sex in the car when thieves disturbed the party by smashing windows of both passenger and driver’s side.

The thieves who were not identified are reported to have taken the couple to the nearby bush between Hyde Park Shops and Nkulumane Complex

An unidentified source told B-Metro that:

“They took turns to clobber Ninge while accusing him of taking advantage of Nozizwe saying she was too young for him”.

Another source also reported that Mr. Ninge was stabbed three times on the head and the wounds and bruises all over his body.

After the attack, Nozizwe Khumalo called the police and made a report. The police upon arriving at the scene called for an ambulance and Ninge was taken to Mater Dei Hospital for medical attention

Bulawayo acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed the unfortunate incident and said police were currently carrying out investigations.

We are investigating a case of attempted murder where a man was attacked while he was having sex in a car with his girlfriend at around 7.30 pm at a bushy area which is between Hyde Park Shops and Nkulumane complex. He was robbed of his Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and cash, all valued at US$5 300. We would like to urge community members not to indulge in sex in the bush because it’s illegal and dangerous, she said


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