Bulawayo Residents File Complain Over Disused Pits As Kids Drown

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Bulawayo Residents File Complain Over Disused Pits As Kids Drown:

Bulawayo residents have filed a complaint about the city’s failure to attend to disused pits, which have resulted in an increase in drowning cases during this rainy season.

Three boys were recently reported to have drowned in uncovered pits in Pelandaba West and residents are worried that more such incidents will be recorded especially this rainy season.

“It is very painful to see our children drowning in these pits. I is people whom we know and with this lockdown we cannot control our children’s movements. Can the city fathers do something?” said a resident of Pelandaba.

“The pits are now a threat to us. Now we do not even understand how these children are drowning within a space of three days. I believe these pits are now used to dump bodies by criminals,” another resident said.

“Can the city council fence up this place. These pits have been like this for years. Children have drowned but nothing are being done,” said another.

The residents have appealed to the local authority to come up with an urgent solution to this case.

“May the city council do something urgently before schools open. You know how kids are like. They are attracted to water and if schools open soon we have a disaster in our hands. Every day people will be burying children if this not attended to.”

According to Pindula News, Bulawayo city council Public Relations Manager, Mrs Nesisa Mpofu, said the city has deployed security personnel to the pits and these will monitor the area as they mobilize resources to reclaim them.

“We will be moving our plant to the pits to drain the water levels in the pits. Once we excavate trenches to drain the water levels, council will then move and back fill the pits. We are still mobilising resources to transport the excavator,” she said.

The pits, some of which are a result of illegal sand poaching, are scattered in most suburbs in Bulawayo.

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