Bulawayo Man Killed For Refusing To Share Amacimbi

Bulawayo Man Killed For Refusing To Share Amacimbi:

In an update from Bulawayo, a 44-year-old man died after he was assaulted by two men for refusing to share his amacimbi (mopane worms) in Old Pumula Suburb.

The late Kumbula Homes Zulu is reported to have suffered a swollen mouth and internal injuries after he was attacked by two men who were only identified as Tho and Ret. Their ages have not been identified yet.
According to The Chronicle the deceased died two days later when his mother had taken him to hospital.

Bulawayo Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident and urged people who may have information that could lead to the arrest of the two accused to contact the nearest police station.

“Police are investigating a suspected case of murder which occurred in Old Pumula on the 25th of January 2021.

“The deceased is Khumbula Homes Zulu, a male adult aged 44 years who resides in Old Pumula.

“The accused persons are Rey and Tho both of number 5313 Old Pumula, Bulawayo,” said Insp Ncube.

He said Zulu left home going to Old Pumula shops to buy amacimbi.

After buying, he was approached by the accused persons who asked for some.

“A misunderstanding arose after he refused to share his amacimbi that led to a fist fight and after that Zulu went away to drink alcohol.

At around 6pm Zulu visited his friend Freedom Dube and narrated his fistfight story complaining of hunger and having difficulties in breathing,” he said.

“On January 26, 2021 at around 8AM, Mr Dube woke him up and discovered that he was still having difficulties in breathing.

“He told Zulu’s mother but she dismissed it saying he usually experiences such.”

Insp Ncube said Zulu’s condition continued to deteriorate until Mr Dube took him to his home at around 8pm.

“On 27 January 2021 at 2AM, Zulu’s mother summoned an ambulance which ferried him to Mpilo Central Hospital where he later died before admission. CID homicide attended the scene,” said Insp Ncube.

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