Border Frontline Workers At Beitbridge Lead WIth Covid 19 Vaccination

Border Frontline Workers

Border Frontline Workers At Beitbridge Lead WIth Covid 19 Vaccination

The Covid 19 vaccination from China has left the country in speculation about its safety and if its trial runs have been medically approved and safe for use in the long run, and have left even a larger number of people in question about its side effects in the long term.

Vice President Chiwenga was one of the first government officials to lead by example by getting vaccinated to prove its safety. This was followed by an announcement by the President further stating that it would not be compulsory for people to get vaccinated. President Emmerson Mnangagwa went to state,

“You won’t be forced to be vaccinated. But there will come a time, if you are not vaccinated you will not be able to get a job, if you are not vaccinated you will not able to board a Zupco bus. Eventually, you will have to decide for yourself,” he said.

The vaccination of frontline workers at Beitbridge Border Post has heightened as the nation opens up after the Coronavirus initiated public lockdown.

It is all hands on the deck for workers from the Ministry of Health and Child Care, who are on the ground vaccinating frontline workers at the country’s busiest port of section.

Mr. Nqobile Ncube who is the Assistant Regional Immigration Officer in Charge of Beitbridge said the take-up of the antibody is empowering.

“We have already been vaccinated and the uptake is fine because the bulk of our members of staff are taking the vaccination.”

Beitbridge is one of the busiest inland ports of passage in the SADC district, with frontline workers in danger because of the great volumes of traffic at the border post.


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