Aunt Seeks Protection Order After Nephew Shows Her His Manhood

Three men On The Run

A Harare woman named Miriam Chisvo made shocking claims yesterday that her late sister’s son had shown her his manhood several times.

Chisvo yesterday made a testimony at the magistrate court on how his sister’s son Michael Chinamano harasses her.

According to H-Metro, She approached the courts seeking protection order and also told the court that her late sister’s son was forcing her out of the property left behind by Chisvo’s parents.

“He is my late sister’s son and he is making me suffer from inheriting my parents’ property.

“Whenever he gets drunk he pulls down his pants and flaunts his manhood in my face, I don’t know his intentions anymore,” Chisvo claimed.

She also testified that Chinamano has been giving her threats to burn her in the house and would sometimes lock the house at 5 am before leaving for work.

“I no longer feel safe in my home, sometimes he tempers with electric cables so that I get electric shocks.

“He buys a special beer that he drinks with friends every day after work when he gets drunk he insults me and calls me all sorts of names,” she said.

She also said that her nephew occupied their kitchen by force and turned it into a bedroom that he locks every day at 5 am.

Chinamano also said his said of the story and told the court that his aunty was creating all these stories. He says insulting each other is a norm and it all started after the death of his mother.

“We have been having problems ever since my mother’s death, she no longer wants me at the house and she is doing everything to achieve that.
She has already caused a rift between me and my sister and restricted a grown man like me and my belongings in a small kitchen, said Chinamano.

Chinamano later agreed to the granting of protection against him.

Presiding over the matter, magistrate Meenal Narotum granted the application by consent refraining Chinamano from verbally, physically or threatening to harass his aunt.

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