Another Suspected Ritual Murder: Bulawayo Man Murdered, Brain, Eyes And Ears Missing From Corpse

Woman's Tongue Missing

Bulawayo Man Murdered, Brain, Eyes And Ears Missing From Corpse

In another sad and shocking update, a man was murdered and dumped outside a house in Bulawayo’s suburb of Mzilikazi.

The Bulawayo man was not only stabbed several times but the murderers also cut open his head and took his brain, cut off his right ear and pluck out his eye out.

According to i-Harare the heavily mutilated body was discovered yesterday morning in Mzilikazi near Mashumba shops.

It is reported that police found part of the man’s brain about 65 metres away from where the body was. Three blood coated stones were found which the police suspected to have been used to open the man’s head.

According to ZRP National spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyati, the police have not identified the body and they are yet to arrest the suspects.

The body seems to have been dragged and dumped away from the murder scene. The deceased is yet to be identified and the motive is not yet known. There are no suspects at the moment, said Asst Comm Nyathi.

Sunday News upon arriving at the scene reported that:

There were signs of struggle and blood in the area close to where somebody parts were found while the corpse did not have any traces of blood and it is suspected the murderers could have washed the body in a nearby stream before dumping it.

Miss Fatima Tembo a resident of the Mzilikazi house where the body was dumped testified that she did not hear any unusual sounds during the night only to discover the body in the morning.

I was told there is someone lying naked outside and when we investigated, we saw that he was dead and I went to report to the police. I did not hear any noise during the night or any struggle. Our neighbours, however, told us they heard their dog barking at around 2 am but they did not bother waking up to go and find out what was happening as they thought it could be barking at people passing by from a nearby drinking spot, she said.

Miss Tembo’s neighbour said they were shocked to learn that his head had been severed and his brain was found in the bush along with what was suspected to be his eyes and clothes in a plastic bag. they believed the deceased might have been bathed at the stream where there was a lot of blood.

The police officer who was at the suspected seen said the scalp was missing and that there was blood all over the garden where the brain was found.

He had three stab wounds on the face while his right ear was cut into two pieces, his eyes were not visible and his scalp was missing.

He also had injuries all over the body. He was naked and his clothes are yet to be found. He did not have any form of identification on him, so we don’t know who he is, said the police officer.

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