Another Movie-Styled Robbery In Bulawayo.

Another Movie-Styled Robbery In Bulawayo:

Another movie-styled robbery has been recorded in Bulawayo. A gang of six armed robbers is reported to have raided Access Bureau de Change in Bulawayo earlier today and made off with an undisclosed amount of foreign currency.

The robbers also allegedly hijacked a Honda Fit belonging to a local security company.

The six-armed robbers, who were driving a Honda Fit vehicle without number plates, stormed on Access Bureau de Change situated at Parkade Centre at the corner of Fife Street and 9th Avenue and disarmed the security guard shortly after 8 am.

The robbery was movie styled as they are reported to have ordered everyone who was in the bureau de change to lie down.

A Safeguard team that reacted to the robbery was also disarmed and the security firm’s Honda fit vehicle was highjacked and the armed robbers made off with an undisclosed amount of money.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident.

Meanwhile, there has been another human-wildlife incident. A 43-year-old Mwenezi man, who was so drowned with the local mukumbi traditional brew has been gored to death by a buffalo which charged at him after breaking free from a snare on the fringes of Mjingwe Conservancy.

According to The Herald, the victim, Lovemore Shereni of Chekeri Village in Mazetese on Monday ignored ominous warnings from other villagers and got close to the trapped buffalo. Unfortunately, he ran out of luck as the animal unexpectedly freed itself and charged towards him.

According to Masvingo police spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa, Shereni failed to outpace the charging buffalo and fell to the ground as he was apparently drunk.

The buffalo attacked him four times on the chest and abdomen with its horns, inflicting serious injuries that led to severe bleeding.

Villagers tried to resuscitate Shereni after the charging buffalo had retreated into the wild but he died on the spot owing to excessive haemorrhage.

A Mwenezi magistrate waived a post-mortem on Shereni’s body allowing his burial to go ahead.

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