Another Hut On Fire For Murehwa Ritual Murderers

Thanks Makore, who is the prime suspect in Tapiwa Makore’s ritual murder had his kitchen hut and gazebo at his Murehwa homestead destroyed by fire on Friday night just a few hours after being granted $10 000 bail by the High Court.

Thanks Makore (56), the prime suspect in the apparent ritual murder of his seven-year-old nephew, Tapiwa Makore had his hut and gazebo gutted by fire.

Thanks Makore’s hut and gazebo at his homestead in Murehwa was reduced to ashes, just a month after the kitchen hut of Tapiwa Makore Senior, twin brother to Thanks and the chief suspect in the killing, was also gutted by a mysterious fire.

Thanks Makore’s older brother, Shadreck, who spoke to a local publication The Herald said he was alerted at midnight by his cousin who resides at the homestead.

“My cousin brother who is currently staying at Thanks’ homestead woke me up at midnight and alerted me of the incident. When I woke up, I noticed that the hut and gazebo were on fire.

“I am still wondering how the kitchen caught fire because it’s barely a month since we witnessed Tapiwa Makore Senior’s hut also being burnt to ashes,” he said.

A neighbour who only identified herself as Rita witnessed the incident and believes the fire could have been caused by someone seeking revenge for the murder of Tapiwa Makore Junior and is also trying the force the brothers out of the community.

“When the incident occurred, I was fast asleep and I only woke up to see Makore’s house burning. Now, what is troubling us is the person behind these fires because sometime early this month, Tapiwa Makore Senior’s hut was also reduced to ashes. I personally think that whoever is behind these fires, is seeking revenge for the murder of Tapiwa,” she said.

Thanks Makore is reportedly the mastermind behind the gruesome murder and he is believed to have offered to pay US$1 500 to co-accused Tapiwa Makore Snr, Tafadzwa Shamba, and Maud Hunidzarira for the head and arms of the deceased.

He was granted $10 000 bail by the High Court last Friday because there was no evidence linking him to the killing. A move which saw some of the residents from Damofalls gathering at Thanks Makore’s Ruwa house over the weekend to protest the decision by the High Court to grant him bail.

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