Another Good Samaritan Struck Dead By Log While Trying To Stop A Fight.

Another Good Samaritan Struck Dead By Log While Trying To Stop A Fight:

In a dramatic turn of events, a Gutu man who tried to be a good samaritan in a fight between two men was fatally struck by a log for allegedly taking sides.

It is reported that on March 06, 2021, at around 7 pm, the deceased Tafadzwa Chinongoza left his home and headed to Chomungai Business Centre.

Upon arrival, he found Fanwell Maburutse from Mashingaidze village under chief Chimombe and Simbarashe Chikango who resides in Mushaya village under chief Nyamande, quarrelling over an undisclosed issue and tried to make peace amongst the two.

According to a report by iHarare,  Chinongoza tried to separate the two but he was caught up in the misunderstanding and the two men ended ganging up on Chikango.

Realizing that he was outnumbered, Chikango managed to escape but was pursued by Chinongoza and Maburutse towards the backyard of Chomunga New Generation Shop.

Chikango then took a log from a fire stake and hit Chinongoza once on the head.

It was reported that Chinongoza fell on the ground helplessly and Chikango continued to assault him all over the body.

A police report was made by Chinongoza the following day at Bhasera Police station, leading to the arrest of Chikango.

Chinongoza proceeded to seek medical attention at Chimombe rural clinic where he was transferred to Gutu Mission Hospital.

His condition however worsened and was transferred to Masvingo Provincial Hospital where his health continued to deteriorate and was transferred to United Bulawayo Hospital where he died upon admission on March 11, 2021.

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the death of Tafadzwa Chinongoza from Mafukidze village under Chief Chimombe in Gutu.

He said they had received a report of a Gutu man who died due to injuries sustained when he was struck for interfering in a fight on March 6. He added that the case is now at court for prosecution.

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