Andy Muridzo Finds Himself In Hot Soup As Women Squabble Over Him

Andy Muridzo

Andy Muridzo Finds Himself In Hot Soup As Women Squabble Over Him

Musician Andy Muridzo who is no stranger to controversy has found himself embroiled in yet another mess. Muridzo who made headlines last year after publicly exposing his affair with another woman whilst still married to his wife known as ‘Mai Keketso’  – had allegedly turned over a new leaf.

Andy Muridzo alongside his ex-wife Mai Keketso during happier days

With the singer focusing on his music career and working towards damage control for his soiled reputation, his fans had let bygones be bygones. All was well in paradise until … wait for it…. yes another scandal involving a threesome of sorts. And unfortunately for him, Muridzo did not snitch on himself but the women who are part and parcel of the squabble decided to resolve their differences in public – as they fought like cats over the melodious singer!

Can we say messy?

So this is what happened…

Andy Muridzo has allegedly moved on from his first wife Mai Keketso and presently speaking the two have been on separation for six weeks. Did it all come too late? We can’t really tell but here is where it gets interesting – the musician did not waste any time moving on and was already cohabiting with a hottie named Faith Chinyani in Greendale. This did not go well with his ex, Kundai Mukuu who was his third serious relationship after the separation between him and his wife.

Andy claims that Mukuu has been on a rampage of verbally attacking his ex-wife and new partner, and if that wasn’t enough –  he also claims she is making use of fake phone numbers to communicate with his sisters.

Mukuu however rubbished the above claims and it appears is failing to let go of her former celebrity flame.

Read the accounts of the squabble below,

Andy ndaimuda uye ndichirikumuda; kunyangwe hazvo anga asati abvisa roora asi ndagara naye nguva inopfuura gore rese,”

I respect Mai Keketso since she has two kids with Andy and I posted negative comments on social media after one of her friends informed me about what she had said about me.

To be honest, I never spoke to Mai Keketso directly and I do not have her contact numbers.

Andy and I got engaged at the end of December last year, with him promising to pay lobola this year in April before Faith Chinyani came into his life –  said Mukuu.


Kundai Mukuu further goes on to explain how Andy’s new lover connived her way into their relationship by luring the artist with the promise of a new car since the singer was immobile.

“Chinyani lured Andy with her car since he did not have one; the one he had before was taken by some married woman.

Chinyani was introduced by Andy to me as one of his sisters and they would visit me together and she would drive him until she won his heart.

“Chinyani said Andy was staying with me for free food, free accommodation, and free sex only, not that he wanted to marry me. Chinyani is the one who was sent to collect Andy’s belongings here and I was unaware that she was taking them to her place in Greendale,” Mukuu said as she continued to narrate her ordeal.

Muridzo denied Mukuu’s narration of events and claimed that the breakup between the two was amicable and his relationship with Faith Chinyani is purely business related.


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