26-Year-Old Arrested For Stealing At ZRP Banket Staff Quarters

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26-Year-Old Arrested For Stealing At ZRP Banket Staff Quarters:

A daring 26-year-old thief from Kuwadzana township was slammed with six months in prison for theft after he stole from a police officer at ZRP Banket staff quarters.

The accused who was identified as Nyasha Matibiri (26) who is currently employed at The New Place Butchery as a cashier was arrested after he entered  ZRP Banket staff quarters and broke into a police officer’s vehicle and stole a car battery and a pair of sunglasses.

The accused appeared before Magistrate Lisa Mutendereki and was not asked to plead.

It is recorded that on the 23rd of February 2021 at around 7 pm, Matibiri went to ZRP Banket residential camp where he broke into a parked silver Toyota Corolla registration ADB6718 belonging to Phidelis Mutsena.

According to the court papers,  Matibiri forced open the driver’s door to gain entry into the car and took a pair of sunglasses from the driver’s seat, opened the vehicle’s bonnet and detached the battery from its terminals before vanishing from the scene.

Matibiri later sold the battery to Clifford Mudekwa of Wigtown farm for US$40.

However, on the 6th of March, Mutsena managed to recover the stolen battery from Mudekwa leading to Matibiri’s arrest and recovery of the sunglasses from him.

According to iHarare, Magistrate Mutendereki slapped him with nine months imprisonment, before suspending six months for five years on the condition of good behaviour.

However, the court brought into effect three suspended months set aside following a previous conviction.

Hence he is set to serve six months in prison.

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