15 year old fakes kidnapping to swindle Rich Father’s money

FAKING your own kidnapping has become a hot trend in Uganda recently.

According to Daily Monitor, the latest happened last Saturday in Mpigi District, west of Kampala.

An unnamed 15-year-old girl phoned her dad, David Kazibwe, claiming she had been kidnapped by four men who had gang raped her and were demanding ransom of Shs30 million (about R100 000).

But before David could decide how to act, on Tuesday the girl suddenly returned to her dad’s home, saying she had escaped from her kidnappers.

David was encouraged by friends to report the matter to the cops to get to the bottom of the saga.

Police officer Emmy Nuwagira told Daily Monitor: “The father told us that his daughter was found at their home yesterday saying she was in pain after being gang raped by her alleged kidnappers. When asked where she had been held and who the kidnappers were, she failed to explain.”

The girl was questioned by cops, and when her story failed to add up, they took her to Nyange Health Centre for a medical examination.

Tests showed that the girl was still a vi_rgin – meaning her claim of being gang raped must have been false.

The girl went on to confess that she had faked her own kidnapping.

“I was tired of staying at home. So, I wanted dad to give me money to go somewhere and start a new life,” the girl said in her police statement.

The girl is currently being detained at Bujuuko copshop and faces charges of giving false information and staging her own kidnapping which incited the public.

This is the latest in the fake kidnapping trend, with two others being reported in the media just last week.


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