10-Year-Old Boy Heavily Assaulted After Losing US$1 For Cigarettes.

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10-Year-Old Boy Heavily Assaulted After Losing US$1 For Cigarettes:

A 10-year-old boy from Bulawayo was left nursing his wounds after he was heavily assaulted by a 32-year-old man over  US$1 which he had given him to buy cigarettes and lost it.

The victim Bukhosi Antony from Sauerstown suburb who is in Grade Six at Hugh Beadle Primary School in Bulawayo, suffered a swollen face and bruises all over the body after he was brutally attacked by Shepherd Weale (32) from Lobenvale suburb.

Weale is alleged to have slammed Bukhosi against the wall before he heavily assaulted him as punishment for losing US$1 he had given him to buy cigarettes.

The accused, Weale appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Shepherd Mjanja charged with assault as defined in Section 89 (1) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23.

He was, however, not asked to plead and was remanded out of custody on free bail.

The court heard that on the 2nd of  March 2021 and at around 3 pm the accused gave the complainant US$1 and asked him to go and buy him cigarettes.

The complainant complied and when he got to where he was supposed to buy the cigarettes, he was told that they were costing US$1,50.

However, on his way back,  the boy lost the money. This didn’t go down well with the accused, who in a fit of rage grabbed him by his hand and dragged him into his house where he allegedly started assaulting him with open hands, fists and booted feet all over the body.

He is also alleged to have slammed the boy against a wall, resulting in him sustaining a swollen face and bruises all over the body.

The matter was reported to the police leading to Weale’s arrest and the boy was reportedly taken to hospital for treatment.

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